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Alden men's shoes, handmade footwear

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Alden men's shoes, handmade footwear

The footwear from Alden makes part of the best ones in the sector of men’s luxury shoes, thanks to their high quality materials, the model’s elegance and their timeless style. With more than 130 years of experience, the Alden Shoe Company is an American company in family property, whose deep knowledge of the footwear sector made it possible to realize iconic models, like the famous moccasins with the frontal tassels. The Alden footwear is made of handmade, vegetable tanned leather: in the course of time the leather of the Alden shoes is conforming itself to the foots form, generating in this way completely personalized models of a unique comfort. Ideal for the professional who loves elegance, but doesn’t want to miss comfort, the Alden footwear offers an assortment of models dedicated to every demand.

A long-established footwear company of Massachusetts, the Alden Shoe Company counts 134 years of experience, experiencing in person the most important innovations of the industrial sector and the economic crisis. The Alden footwear is the result of the family run brand’s age-long experience, whose focus lies on the usage of highest quality materials, which are naturally manufactured by hand, with the aim to create comfortable footwear, able to endure a long time and of an elegant design. Alden is known for the production of shoes made of Cordovan leather, of equine leather, famous for the elevate quality and brightness, fundamental elements for the realization of luxury footwear. Alden offers different men’s shoes, ideal for the professional who loves to wear high quality footwear for every occasion: the Alden moccasins are one of the brand’s iconic models, recognizable thanks to the never missing tassels on the front of the model; the lace-up shoes instead are available in the variations with dove tail pattern and bore wholes, or sleek, ideal for going to work or events which request a formal look. Of a more casual aspect are the moccasins in the penny loafer style, which are available in the variations leather or cordovan, like also all the other offered models. Every men’s shoe-model from Alden is destined to endure over time and to assume even more comfort day by day: the natural with vegetable tannin manufactured leather is adapting itself on the foot’s form, in mode to become a completely unique model, exactly calibrated on the person who is wearing it, wile reaching unsurpassable levels of comfort. Incomparable quality and comfort are thus two of the main characteristics of the Alden Shoe Company, an iconic brand full of authenticity and elegance.

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