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Bric's Laptop backpacks

Equipped with every comfort or minimal, laptop backpacks offer professionals an appropriate alternative to briefcases, offering a different type of laptop portability, this time on the shoulders. By now, tablets and notebooks have become real work tools, so the accessories that are equipped to hold them are now indispensable, as well as a style and a design suitable for every circumstance.

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  • Bric's Life backpack for laptop 15"

  • Bric's X-Travel backpack for laptop 13"

  • Bric's Be Young Eolo backpcak for pc 17''

  • Bric's Be Young Eolo big backpack

  • Bric's Pisa backpack with frontal pockets

    Regular Price: €139.00

    Special Price €97.30

  • Bric's Pisa organized Backpack for laptop 15''

    Regular Price: €155.00

    Special Price €108.50

  • Bric's Backpack for laptop 14''

  • Bric's X-Travel Business large backpack

  • Bric's Monza backpack with USB


    Regular Price: €239.00

    Special Price €167.30

  • Bric's Monza backpack for laptop 15" with USB port


    Regular Price: €229.00

    Special Price €160.30

  • Bric's Monza large backpack for laptop with USB ports


    Regular Price: €289.00

    Special Price €202.30

  • Bric's Torino leather backpack with USB

  • Bric's Torino backpack for laptop 15'' with USB

  • Bric's Torino large backpack for laptop and with USB


14 Item(s)

per page

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