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Bagutta Men's Shirts

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Bagutta Men's Shirts

Elegant and refined, the shirts from Bagutta are dedicated to the man, who loves sober but at the same time glamorous fashion, which interprets a contemporary, unique and inimitable style. Inspired by the complex and ultra-glam style of Milan, the Bagutta shirts reach from the classical, monochrome model to those with print of images made by internationally known photographers and artists.

Founded in 1975 by the Gavazzni family from Bergamo, the brand Bagutta gets its name from the Bagutta street at Milan and the restaurant of the same name, which is a symbol of the Lombard city’s lifestyle during the 70s. The comparison with Milan is very close and strong, the shirt’s style indeed represents the city’s mood, with all its contradictions: business and fashion, art and industry, reliability and flippancy are only some of the opposites on which the city is based, like also the collections with shirts of this brand. The Bagutta shirts indeed reach from tho more classical one made of monochrome cotton, enriched by a contemporary design, which privileges a slim fit instead of the classical one, arriving to the more particular and sophisticated ones, which show the prints of images made by known photographers and contemporary artists. The most glamorous versions are presented by the models of the collaboration with Alessandro Squarzi, owner of other brands of a clearly urban-chic style. For Bagutta the shirt is a real artwork, which includes the brand’s essence within all its facings and the cure for every small details and particularity: with the Bagutta shirts tradition meets contemporaneity, the Italian craftmanship experience is based on the necessity of the modern man, the dress himself with elegance and fashion within all circumstances, without leaving behind the quality of the materials and the refineness of the garments. Today the brand count admirer in every part of the world and a lot of famous personalities love to wear the brand’s shirts, which since 43 years makes part of the history of the Italian men’s fashion.

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