The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge leather bags, briefcases, laptop bags, backpacks and luggage

The Bridge brand is one of the spearheads of Italian leather goods sector, well known for the exclusive refinements of its handmade luxury materials. Characterized by glamour, high quality and prestigious materials, its products has become soon beloved by leather lovers and by everyone who wants to be recognizable for a sophisticated touch that enrich every style.

Bags, briefcases and leather goods accessories of the brand are characterized by the use of artisanal handcrafted leather, without leaving out fashion trends and accurate design. Every The Bridge accessory is the result of the successful union among quality, style and functionality, that contributes to create products intended to maintain their beauty and particular taste in the time.

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  • The Bridge Freestyle backpack for laptop

  • The Bridge Belleville shopper bag vertical design

  • The Bridge Pearldistrict shoulder bag with flap over

  • The Bridge Story Exclusive travel watch holder

  • The Bridge Story Viaggio travel bag

  • The Bridge Williamsburg two handles briefcase

  • The Bridge Belleville wallet with flap over

  • The Bridge Blues laptop briefcase

    Regular Price: €360.00

    Special Price €180.00

  • The Bridge Freestyle backpack small

  • The Bridge Freestyle laptop briefcase

  • The Bridge Sfoderata Luxe Man shoulder bag flat design

  • The Bridge Belleville handbag double function

  • The Bridge Belleville shopping bag

  • The Bridge Pearldistrict medium backpack

  • The Bridge Pearldistrict women backpack

  • The Bridge doctor backpack

  • The Bridge travel tie holder Story Exclusive

    Regular Price: €235.00

    Special Price €117.50

  • The Bridge Jade zip around bag with wrist lace

  • The Bridge Story Uomo medium flap over briefcase

  • The Bridge Williamsburg backpack with double compartment

  • The Bridge Malibu large shopping bag

    Regular Price: €299.00

    Special Price €149.50

  • The Bridge Dalston double function handbag

  • The Bridge Dalston shopping bag

  • The Bridge Dalston shopping bag with strap

  • The Bridge Pearldistrict medium shoulder bag with flap over

  • The Bridge Williamsburg two compartments briefcase

  • The Bridge Pearldistrict shoulder bag with double strap

  • The Bridge Story Uomo carry-on case

  • The Bridge Story Uomo key pouch with front pocket

    Regular Price: €81.00

    Special Price €40.50

  • The Bridge Story Uomo document holder with zip

  • The Bridge double bottom doctor bag

  • The Bridge Story Exclusive business card holder

    Regular Price: €217.00

    Special Price €108.50

  • The Bridge Story Uomo vertical wallet

  • The Bridge Story Uomo wallet with button

  • The Bridge Story Trunks 2 places sofa

  • The Bridge Story Trunks armchair


Items 1 to 36 of 232 total

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The brand

The Bridge brand born in 1969 in the prosper manufacture district of Florence, in Tuscany. Already in 70' the brand has become famous for its style, that merges the made in Italy quality with a particular taste inspired by British sober and linear design. Nowadays The Bridge is a landmark for leather lovers, both men and women can find high quality leather products that satisfy any need and taste, with a wide range of bags, briefcases and leather goods produced with prestigious materials and treatment standards.



The manufacturing system is one of the strength of the brand, that forms every product according to the traditional Tuscan leather craftsmanship: from leather to fabric lining and brass belts, every material has high quality origins, in order to maintain elevate standards even in every little detail and seam. The Bridge has become famous for the hide leather used, that give an elegant and luxury taste to every product of the brand: the natural and soft leather is handcrafted treated with vegetable tanning and hand buffed, the typical smooth and shiny texture of the leather is obtain through a special finishing with an amber roller, a little secret that enrich the elegance of every product.



Story Donna, Story Uomo, Sfoderata Soft, Basic, are just some of the collection of the brand, that offer a wide range of products characterized by different texture, shades and shapes. From smooth leather to natural wrinkled calfskin, The Bridge follows current trends, merging high quality materials and techniques with fashion "must-haves", creating lines recognizable for their unique style and taste, elaborate and urban at the same time. From beloved hide leather handbags to particular and colorful collections, every product of the Tuscan company is a prestigious piece destined to keep its sophisticate taste over time, gaining particular beauty day after day.

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