Piquadro backpacks

Piquadro backpacks

Piquadro professional leather backpacks

The backpacks from Piquadro are dedicated to those who love to wear useful and dynamic accessories, without renouncing to an elaborate design. Capacious and equipped with pockets and compartments for every object, the men's backpacks from Piquadro fit perfectly for work and free time, and are available in more casual variations made of fabric, but also in more formal versions made of leather. Independently from the usage, every model offers the best of experience, quality and usefulness.

Of a chic and feminine style, but at the same time ideal to contain all the every day objects, the women's backpacks from Piquadro accompany the female lovers of the brand with elegance and functionality. Every backpack indeed prevents the right place for a tablet, smartphone or also a portable computer, and thus is perfect to be worn both to work or during free time.

The backpacks with computer compartment from Piquadro represent the strength of this collections: realized with a padded and shock-proof compartment and a padded back to spread the weight of the laptop all-over the back. The brand's backpacks with computer compartment offer the best comfort, combined to an elaborate design and a high quality of the materials.


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  • Piquadro Black Square Connequ backpack

  • Piquadro P15Plus large backpack for laptop 15.6''

    Regular Price: €355.00

    Special Price €248.50

  • Piquadro Modus backpack in leather for laptop 14"

  • Piquadro Modus backpack for laptop 15"

  • Piquadro Pulse large backpack for laptop 15.6''

    Regular Price: €320.00

    Special Price €224.00

  • Piquadro large backpack for laptop 15'' with Connequ

  • Piquadro backpack laptop 15.6'' Celion

  • Piquadro leather backpack laptop 14'' with Connequ

  • Piquadro Celion 14'' laptop backpack

  • Piquadro Bag Motic backpack with USB and Connequ

  • Piquadro crossbody bag for iPad Air/Pro 9.7

    Regular Price: €145.00

    Special Price €101.50

  • Piquadro Blue Square large backpack

  • Piquadro Black Square laptop 13'' backpack

  • Piquadro Coleos reflective backpack with USB

  • Piquadro Coleos laptop backpack with USB and micro USB reflective

  • Piquadro Coleos small quilted backpack

  • Piquadro Black Square laptop 15'' backpack

  • Piquadro Blue Square leather backpack for laptop 15.6''

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 backpack large for laptop 15.6"

    Regular Price: €229.00

    Special Price €160.30

  • Piquadro Brief backpack laptop compartment

  • Piquadro Blue Square Special backpack for laptop 14"

  • Zaino Piquadro porta computer 15" Blue Square Special

  • Piquadro Brief backpack expandable for laptop

  • Piquadro Blue Square Special backpack fast-check

  • Piquadro Brief backpack fast-check with anti-theft cable

  • Piquadro Blade backpack roll top for laptop 15.6"

  • Piquadro Blade backpack with iPad slot

  • Piquadro Blade backpack for laptop 14"

  • Piquadro Brief backpack for laptop with RFID

  • Piquadro Brief backpack fast-check expandable

  • Piquadro Muse backpack for iPad

  • Piquadro Muse backpack fro laptop with sude inserts

  • Piquadro Brief backpack fast check with Connqu

  • Piquadro Modus backpack for computer 15.6"

  • Piquadro backpack computer 15''

  • Piquadro Blue Square backpack computer case 13''

  • Piquadro expandable computer backpack

  • Piquadro computer backpack large Blue Square

  • Piquadro computer backpack Coleos

  • Piquadro backpack laptop 13'' tartan pattern Coleos

  • Piquadro expandable backpack laptop case 17'' Coleos

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 backpack small

  • Piquadro Coleos iPad small backpack

  • Piquadro small backpack with iPad holder

    Regular Price: €376.00

    Special Price €263.20

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 backpack for laptop 15"

  • Piquadro briefcase backpack portability Modus

  • Piquadro backpack iPad and laptop case Coleos camouflage


47 Item(s)

per page

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