Piquadro organizers, agendas and notepad holders

Piquadro organizers, agendas and notepad holders

Piquadro Organizers, agendas and notepad holders

To complete the accessories, that every professional should have, can't be missing the organizers and notepad holders from Piquadro, that are available in the same colors and made of the same materials as the collections with bags and briefcases, for a complete loof fitting to every professional.

The agendas, diaries and organizers from Piquadro are equipped with an interchangeable calendar on the inside, to make it possible to maintain the outside year by year, ans also contain a strap as a pen holder and small compartments to store visiting cards, credit cards and documents. The organizers from Piquadro are available in different dimensions, to accommodate every necessity of space and capaciousness of every professional.

The notepad holders instead form the perfect and elegant accessory to take notes or preserve documents: the notepad holders in A5 fit to be put inside a briefcase or backpack, in order to be ready to take some notes at every moment, while the notepad holders in A4 are much more ample and capacious, and in this way can contain also a tablet of small dimensions.

Made of Italian leather or of leather and fabric, the organizers and notepad holders from Piquadro fit perfectly for everyone who loves a complete and functional business style.

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  • Piquadro P15Plus A4 notepad holder

  • Piquadro Black Square document holder with anti-fraud

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 document holder A5

  • Piquadro Blue Square pocket organizer

  • Piquadro Blue Square document holder with removable pochette

  • Piquadro Modus A4 notepad holder with zip around

  • Piquadro Black Square A4 notepad holder with zip

  • Piquadro Blue Square notepad holder thin A4 with zip

  • Piquadro Brief note pad holder A4 for iPad

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 diary organizer medium

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 diary organizer large

  • Piquadro Celion A5 document holder

  • Piquadro Celion A4 notepad holder made of fabric and leather

  • Piquadro Celion large organizer

  • Piquadro Celion A4 notepad holder with retractable handles

  • Piquadro Pulse P16 note pad holder A4 with zip

  • Piquadro multifunctional case 3 compartments

    Regular Price: €149.00

    Special Price €104.30

  • Piquadro notepad holder A4

  • Piquadro Blue Square medium organizer

  • Leather daily diary with flap and pen loop Blue Square

  • Piquadro notepad holder A4 slim Pulse

  • Piquadro organizer agenda Blue Square


22 Item(s)

per page

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