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Softside and hardside Samsonite spinner and upright luggage

The Brand

Among the leadin companies in luggage field, Samsonite stands out for its long history, which had strongly influenced the evolution of suitcase itself. The brand has its origins in the early 1900s, when Shwayder brothers founded a company with the intention of making travel accessories, such as trunks and suitcases, affordable and accessible to all kinds of travelers. In the 40s born officially the Samsonite brand, whose name is inspired by the biblical figure of Samson, a symbol of strenght for excellence.

What characterizes the brand, in fact, is the high quality of the materials used in the production of accessories: not only luggage, but also in the field of briefcases, small leather goods and handbags, all products are featured by design, functionality and comfort.


Luggage certainly occupies the central position among Samsonite products, whose assortment of suitcases meets the needs of all travelers.

Durability and comfort are the most important features also in briefcases, handbags and purses collections of the brand, designed to contain the technological accessories and everyday work tools as laptops, tablets and smartphones, whose padded compartments ensure adequate protection and internal organization of the spaces, in order to face with comfort and functionality every day.


The use of advanced materials in the production of luggage and other accessories is among the most important strenghts of the brand: in addition to the revolutionary Curv technology of polypropylene production, the brand uses high-performance materials such as 500 denier nylon, polyester and polyurethane, used in luggage field, travel accessories and also for professional bags, backpacks purses and handbags. Leather also have a prominent role for Samsonite, with a wide range of small leather accessories made of soft and warm calf leather, comfortable to touch and perfect for wallets and key rings with elegant and sober design.

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  • Samsonite Openroad 14.1'' laptop backpack

  • Borsello Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0 porta tablet 7.9''

  • Samsonite Rewind crossbody bag

    Regular Price: €59.00

    Special Price €47.20

  • Samsonite backpack leather computer case 14''

  • Samsonite backpack computer case 17.3'' Cityscape

  • Samsonite wallet vertical document holder

  • Samsonite Spark SNG reporter bag

  • Samsonite Zenith tablet crossbody bag

    Regular Price: €85.00

    Special Price €68.00

  • Samsonite bag iPad holder

  • Samsonite briefcase computer holder 17.3 inch

  • Samsonite Openroad laptop 15.6'' large backpack

  • Samsonite Qibyte 17.3'' laptop backpack

  • Samsonite Qibyte laptop 14.1'' briefcase

  • Samsonite Gt Supreme crossbody bag for tablet pc

  • Samsonite XBR backpack for laptop 17"

  • Samsonite Openroad laptop 17.3'' large backpack

  • Samsonite Openroad expandable laptop 15.6'' briefcase

  • Samsonite Vectura slim briefcase for laptop 13.3 inches

  • Samsonite slim briefcase for 16 inch laptop

    Regular Price: €195.00

    Special Price €156.00

  • Samsonite Ultimate Star Wars backpack

  • Samsonite Openroad thin backpack for laptop 13.3"

  • Samsonite Openroad briefcase for laptop 15.6" portability as backpack

  • Samsonite Openroad 7.9'' tablet crossbody bag

  • Samsonite Tint Slg wallet with card holder and purse

  • Samsonite GuardIT 2.0 briefcase for laptop 13"

  • Samsonite XBR backpack laptop 15.6''

  • Samsonite XBR backpack for laptop 14.1''

  • Samsonite Ator two compartments briefcase

  • Samsonite GuardIT 2.0 backpack for laptop 15"

  • Samsonite GuardIT 2.0 briefcase for laptop 17"

  • Samsonite GuardIT 2.0 briefcase for laptop 15"

  • Samsonite Pro-DLX 5 backpack 15.6"

  • Samsonite Pro-DLX 5 backpack expandable for laptop 15.6"

  • Samsonite Clovel backpack laptop 17''

    Regular Price: €139.00

    Special Price €111.20

  • Samsonite briefcase 2 handles computer 16''

    Regular Price: €55.00

    Special Price €44.00

  • Samsonite Pro-DLX 5 backpack for laptop 14.1"

  • Samsonite Pro-DLX 5 thin briefcase for laptop 15.6"

  • Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 backpack laptop 17.3''

  • Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 backpack 14''

  • Samsonite Network 3 backpack laptop 17''

  • Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 shoulder bag for tablet pc

  • Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 briefcase laptop 14.1''

  • Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 briefcase laptop 15.6''

  • Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0 toilet kit Mickey

  • Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0 backpack Mickey

  • Samsonite Disney Ultimate school carry-on


46 Item(s)

per page

Softside and hardside Samsonite spinner and upright luggage

The Samsonite name refers to the mythical character of Samson, the giant that expresses strength and great resistance. Those requirements are in fact the basis of the concept of Samsonite luggage, marked with not only by the strength of materials, but at the same time aimed at the search for lightness with the evolution of the production process.
Samsonite carry ons cabin luggage, suitcases and travel bags are always synonymous of travel and journeys: exotic adventures, golden shores or white mountains. Samsonite is also an icon of strength and resistance, but also of lightness, thanks to the new Curv® technology. With a wide range of luggage, Samsonite is able to satisfy travelers’ needs, offering various models of hardside and softside luggage.

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