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Doucal's Shoes

Shoes and Footwear for men and women

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  • Stringate Doucal's oxford shoe in brushed leather


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Shoes and Footwear for men and women

The term shoe derives from the Antique English scarp and the Old English scoh, but can also be found in the Olf French term skoch and the Old German scuh

The story of the footwear has its origins already in the prehistorical epoch, when the necessity to cover and protect the sole of the foot from dangers on the ground made the primitive man produce the first types of shoes, realized with plant fiber or not tanned leather, that were hold together with a system of braided laces. Over time changes were made not only because of the modernity, but also thanks to fashion and style, so that different models of shoes during different epochs and tendencies were elaborated, every single one with its own characteristics. 

Today indeed the shoes are generally made of leather, synthetic leather, fabric or other materials and compound of an inferior part, that touches directly the ground and is called sole, and a superior part of variable length (in base of the model), that is called upper material. Every model of shoes usually has an own name, based on its unique characteristics to distinguish it from others. While a pair of women's shoes called pumps is characterized by its deep opening on the foot's neck, a pair of ankle boots is characterized by the open upper material and the laces, that are closed on the foot's neck. The same thing counts for the men's shoes, that are often given names of famous personalities or important places, like the model Oxford, wich gets its name from the oxonian, a short half boot, open at the sides, that where popular at the university of Oxford, or also the  model Derby, which gets its name from the Prussian general Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who used them for his army. 

Together with every type of shoe there is a different mode of interpretation of fashion and style, so the phrase "Tell me which shoe you wear and I tell you who you are" seems perfectly right. 

Men's shoes

One of the main accessories in the garderobe of every man are, beyond doubt, the shoes. Observing the shoes of a man one can understand a lot about its style and personality, and reach to distinguish a man with a more sportive style from those with a more classy and elegant one, in base of the typology of worn shoes. Because of this, there is such a great variety of models of men's shoes, that a lot of models are distinguished only by some small details. Buying the right shoe is a detail that should not be underrated, because the right shoe can donate the missing touch to your style and to your way to dress. 

Women's shoes

The women's shoes are probably the most loved accessory in the whole feminine world, thanks to their versatility and characteristics. Every type of shoe, doesn't matter if sportive or elegant, is suitable to every women's style and tries to bring out her personality and character. From pumps to moccasins, from half boots to ankle boots, every single one of this shoe-models will accompany you during your days and also night, with the glamorous touch, that should never be missing. 


Unfailing in the wardrobe of every woman, they derive their origin from the shoes of the ballet dancers and, in their style, recall the simplicity and essential lines of these shoes. They are made with a very thin sole, do not have heel and leave the instep almost completely uncovered.

Bikers boots

They have also been nicknamed Motorcycle boots because of their origins of use. In fact, the most passionate centaurs were the first to wear this type of boots originally completely made of leather. Back on the crest of the wave for years, the bikers, are a type of comfortable and versatile boots loved by men and women without distinction.


This type of women's shoe receives its name from the designer Coco Chanel, who realized it the first time in combination with her famous dresses. They are also called sling back shoes thanks to their closure, that is also the main characteristic of this type of shoes. Indeed the small buckle can always be found on the back of the heel and connects the two parts of the shoe. They can be found with high or flat heel, but the height doesn't influence the finesse and beauty of this model. 

Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea Boots, like Bikers Boots, are one of the many sub-categories belonging to the largest family of boots, ancestors of the famous Beatles Boots. Their historical origins date back to the mid-nineteenth century when Queen Victoria had a pair made by court shoe maker Joseph Sparkes-Hall. Between the end of 1950 and 1960, they became part of the must of the era because they were worn by the greatest artists of the time and protagonists of Swinging London from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones. The main feature of this type of shoes is the trunk of the boot made up over the ankle and the elastic band on the side of the models that allows a comfortable fit without laces.

Cross strap

This women's shoe model gets its name from the double crossed strap at the foot's neck, that is often applied on models like pumps or dancing shoes. Both straps are fixed with two elastic inserts to make is easier to put them on and to fix the shoe on the foot. 


Probably there is no more classy model between the models of women's shoes in the whole story of footwear. But only a few people know when they were realized the first time, they were worn by infantry soldiers. They started to be worn also by women in the XVIII century and heels, bow ties and buckles were added. Today they are an absolutely must have in the guarderobe of every woman and an essential accessory for every elegant outfit. Their main characteristic is, that they let the foot's neck nearly uncovered and that they don't have any type of closure. They can be realized with roundly, heart shaped or "U" shaped opening, with high or flat heels and made of more or less precious materials in different colors. 


They owe their name to Alfred-Gulliaume-Gabriel d'Orsay, who designed them in 1838, as evening shoes and entered the heart of the female public thanks to their sensual forms that leave the sides of the foot uncovered. Their main characteristic, in fact, is the upper cut at the sides in order to leave both sides of the feet uncovered. They can be made with high heels or even flat and we can find them both with open heel and open toe.


They are one of the most fashionable and trendy summer models of the last few years despite their origins being very humble. The espadrilles, in fact, were made for the first time in the fourteenth century in Occitania and in Catalonia for the use of farmers who needed light shoes to work. The etymology of the name leads back to the Occitan term espadrilla which in turn derives from espardenya which in Catalan means "shoes made of" espart "a plant used to make the strings.The ropes, in fact, are the main feature of espadrilles, realized with a flat sole in rope, in fact, with an upper in any material, with heels and toes open or closed.


The French-style shoes are, undoubtedly, the most refined and elegant women's and men's shoes of the entire footwear scene. In the past, they were worn only by businessmen combined with haute couture suits but over time even women began to use them giving a dandy touch to their outfits. This model of shoes is also known as Oxford model that derives from the oxonian a type of short boot with openings on the sides very fashionable at the end of the nineteenth century among the students of the University of Oxford. The main feature of this model lies in the mask sewn over the cuffs that are joined at the height of the instep. The shoe has a closure composed of five pairs of through holes, of which the last is reserved for the final closure with bow. The variations of the francesina are the smooth French fringe with pin or with the classic French frog with decoration with drilling at the tip (called broguering), a decoration very often extended to the whole model.


It is the classical summer shoe, that goes back to ancient Egypt epoch, with testimonials from 4000 b. Chr. They are made of a normally smooth sole and a single strap in the form of the letter "Y", that has two initial points posed at the side of the foot. This ones then get together between the first two toes. While in the past they were realized with natural materials and plant fibers, today they are mostly made of rubber or plastic, and often the women's models have a medium-flat heel. 

Mary Jane

The Mary Janes are a model of shoes, that have their origins in Mary Jane, the sister of Buster Brown from the comic drawn by Richard Outcault in 1902. The girl is drawn with small shoes, that on the first sight might seem like normal flatties, but for real have this small buckle on the foot, that make them really particular. Their main characteristic is indeed the strap around the ankle or in form of a "T" at the foot's neck, and they can have a rounded or pointed tip and flat or high heels. 


Together with the model Oxford, this one probably is one of the most elegant ones between the unisex shoe models. Basically they are flat shoes without laces, that can present fringes, tassels or rivets on the neck, depending on the style of the model. They were invited by the native Americans, who used to wrap their feet with a piece of  leather, that hit the ground on the sides, so that it covered the whole foot. It was in the thirties, that the real moccasins entered in the common use. It is possible to find different models of moccasins, that variate in used materials and the presence of eventually decorations and applications. They have different names like penny loafer, tassel loafer and fringed loafer, in base of their characteristics. 

Open Toe

They owe their name to the opening located at the tip of their models. They are décolleté, differentiated by their own name according to the width of their opening.


 It is the classical shoe worn at home, open at the back, easy to put on and because of this very comfortable. It is distinguished from the sandals because they are completely closed and typically used in winter. 


Their form remind of clogs or wooden shoes and they are realized with an upper material, that covers nearly the whole foot and lets free only the heel. 


They were the famous bicolored shoes that were made famous by Elvis Presley during his concerts in the United States and from this moment on they became a must have for every lover of the vintage or retro style. They carry also the name Saddle-Oxford, because often the bicolored structure is also used for the shoes of the model Oxford. The main characteristic of this model is the flat rubber sole, on which is applied an upper material made of suede leather with inserts of polished leather and the classical contrast colors. It is a model used by man and women, so that often they also have medium-high heels. 


The category platform includes all the footwear with wedges and wedge heels under the sole. 


It is the sportive shoe par excellence, that meanwhile is not used anymore only for sports but everyday. As sneakers we considerate indeed all men's and women's shoes with a more casual style, that are easy to combine with daily outfits. 


The boots are a type of footwear, thats main characteristic is the upper material, that covers the leg at least until the knee and that have different characteristics in base of their style. To the family of the boots also belong the bikers, half-boots, ankle boots, cuissard and texas boots, to only name some of the most famous ones. They can have a unique heel or a single one separated from the rest of the sole, and closures with zip or elastics. 


It is a type of flat boots with an upper material, that is higher than the one of the ankle boots, because it includes also the ankle. They are characterized by an upper material, that covers the complete foot and they can have different types of heels in all forms and heights. The most famous ones are the half boots with profiled sole, that remind of the military armatures, because of their robustness. 

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