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The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge briefcases, women’s bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, suitcases and wallets

The Bridge is one of the brands with leather goods made in Italy par excellence, known for the prestigious and traditional manufacture of the leather. The leather’s naturalness and brightness characterizes every product from The Bridge, whose catalog reaches from the business bag to the women’s bag, from the small leather goods to the desk accessories, and finally reaching to the travel accessories.

From 1969 on, The Bridge offers bags and accessories of an inimitable style with a high recognition value, a winning mixture of design made in Italy, British inspiration and a vintage echo of a 70s globetrotter: on this way the bran’s accessories are characterized by front flaps, buckles, large pockets and relief seams, features, which all together create a collection of refined and prestigious products in a pure Italian craftsmanship style.

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  • The Bridge Pianosa Shopping bag double function

    Regular Price: €310.00

    Special Price €155.00

  • The Bridge Montecristo briefcase with flap

    Regular Price: €590.00

    Special Price €295.00

  • The Bridge Santa Croce bag two handles

  • The Bridge Story Uomo small briefcase

  • The Bridge Story Uomo belt squared buckle

  • The Bridge Story Uomo backpack with laces

  • The Bridge Story Uomo briefcase with laces

  • The Bridge Capalbio briefcase for laptop 13''

  • The Bridge Story Uomo messenger bag with lateral straps

  • The Bridge Ognissanti hobo bag

  • The Bridge Vallombrosa hobo bag hammered leather

  • The Bridge Vallombrosa large bag double function

    Regular Price: €420.00

    Special Price €210.00

  • The Bridge Consuma handbag

    Regular Price: €480.00

    Special Price €240.00

  • The Bridge Vallombrosa large bag wrinkled leather

  • The Bridge Story Uomo keyring 6 hooks

  • The Bridge Consuma shoulder bag

    Regular Price: €380.00

    Special Price €266.00

  • Portachiavi The Bridge Story Uomo bustina piatta

  • The Bridge keyring lace

  • The Bridge Story Uomo mono keyring

  • The Bridge Story Uomo keyring with charm

  • The Bridge Story Uomo keyring

  • The Bridge Story Uomo keyring three rings

  • The Bridge Today Business doctor bag

  • The Bridge double bottom doctor bag

  • The Bridge Story Uomo 2 compartments briefcase

  • The Bridge Story Viaggio waist bag five pockets

  • The Bridge Story Exclusive manicure kit

  • The Bridge Passpartout key chain ring

  • The Bridge Story Trunks writing desk

  • The Bridge Story Trunks chair for writing desk

  • The Bridge Story Trunks jewelry box

  • The Bridge Story Uomo briefcase cm 40

  • The Bridge Story Trunks armchair

  • The Bridge correspondence holder

  • The Bridge Story Exclusive desk pad cm 50

  • The Bridge Story Trunks 2 places sofa

  • The Bridge Story Exclusive coin tray

  • The Bridge Kallio key chain

  • The Bridge money clip

  • The Bridge Florentin key chain with tassel

  • The Bridge Florentin key chain made of leather

  • The Bridge Florentin key chain

  • The Bridge pen case Story Exclusive

  • The Bridge Classic braided keyring

  • The Bridge Neri wallet with credit cards slots

  • Secchiello The Bridge Vittoria con tracolla

  • The Bridge Lucrezia crossbody bag with flap

  • The Bridge Margherita Shopper with side laces


Items 1 to 48 of 268 total

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The Bridge

An icon of the craftsmanship style par excellence, The Bridge is a brand that has skillfully reinterpreted the traditions from Tuscany with a British inspiration of a ‘70s globetrotter, to create bags and accessories of an unmistakable style. The brand is founded in 1969 at Scandicci, a township near Florence, as a craftsmanship workshop, that realized leather goods by hand. In 1987 The Bridge becomes a real industrial company, and in this way brings to perfection the characteristics, which made its bags famous and everlasting: the manufacture of the refined leather by hand, the precious details made of brass and the clear and recognizable style, which fits to every occasion.

The Bridge indeed offers an ample assortment of accessories and bags for men and women, that are perfect for every occasion: from the suitcase and the travel bag to the key chains and desk accessories, while not forgetting about the evergreen business bags and women’s bags, which make part of the Tuscan brand’s most favorite collections.

The main focus of the leather’s quality offered by The Bridge lies on the manufacture’s typology: The skin is natural tanned and refined with an amber roll, elements which contribute to give the leather brightness, resistance and elasticity. The result is a product of a romantic retro look, whose aspect is prestigious and full of experience at the same time, also thanks to the natural grain of the leather, which meets the eye and lends a genuine style destined to become even more beautiful with the time.

The products from The Bridge, beside of the vintage echo, keep up with the times and the technology’s evolution, also by providing on the inside of every model the necessary organization to contain smartphone, tablet and computer: the business world asks for an appropriate transport of the everyday working instruments, but also a formal style and design at the same time. This the bags from The Bridge are the ideal solutions for everyone who doesn’t want to renounce to a certain refined and traditional stye.

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