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Tricker’s is a brand which represents a real piece of history of the United Kingdom: originated at the beginning of the 19th century, the brand from the beginning on focused its production on robust and water resistant half boots, which immediately convinced not only the farmers and landowners in England at that time.

Over the years the company improved the production level of the footwear and the diversification of its models, until arriving to the actual situation, in which the brand is known in the whole world for its high quality and the care for every product.

The Tricker’s footwear is developed with a process of 260 individual productions steps, realized by shoemaker with decades of experience, experts of every element of the footwear and the leather: the Tricker’s shoes are produced by hand and serial numbered, what gives every single pair of shoes a unique identity.

The brand’s strength are of course the water resistant half boots, which today are available in a lot of different variations of colors, leathers and forms: from the half boot at the height of the ankle, laced and with perforated top, the famous Beatles boots, which are available also in the sleek version with lateral elastic inserts, reaching to the to the typical English lace-up shoes, that represent like the name already foreshadows another strength within the brand’s collections.

The shoes from Tricker’s are dedicated to the fashion and luxury loving man, who doesn’t want to miss a high quality and care for the materials: made by hand of precious materials, the Tricker’s footwear is comfortable, robust and water resistant, fitting to every moment during the day.

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